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Black Market is dedicated to fulfilling all your sartorial needs and making you look exactly the way you want to. Each and every garment, that is custom tailored to your exact measurements and specifications, is unique not only in appearance, but in experience as well.

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What styling do you need?

Black Market can create the appropriate wardrobe and styling for every occasion in your private and professional life. Whether you need appropriate

everyday clothes, working uniform or something special for a party or exciting event, out tailoring will make you feel on point with your sartorial choices.


Similar stylings

You can send us sample images or sketches of the styling you would like to achieve. Our role is to make

a thorough research, in compliance with your individual physique and taste, in order to suggest several options for styling for you to choose the one you like most.


What do you want to order?

Now’s the time to choose exactly what you want, whether it would be a separate trousers of suit jacket or a complete set or just a shirt, skirt, etc.


What kind of accessories should we add to your styling?

The right accessories are those small details, that put the finishing touch on your styling. Some would deem them as not important, but it’s exactly the opposite –

they are key point in each and every styling. Allow us to help achieve a well-balanced elegant looked with the right amount of finishing touches.


How much time do you have?

In addition to the desired styling, we need to know how much time you can afford to spend with us in order to complete the garments.