In your hands lays a selection of high-quality options for fabrics, cuts and styling that give you the power to express yourself in the best and unique manner. Tell us what you imagine for yourself and at Black Market we will take care that your style tells your personal story.

Black Market custom tailoring starts at zero and follows your exact body frame, proportions, balance and posture. You participate in the selection of every detail about your suit or shirt – from the specific fabrics and buttons to the cuffs and lining.

During your first appointment our master tailor will take your body measurements and run through the available options for fabrics and details, before he is ready to custom tailor your new suit. The whole process will take approximately one or two more fittings before it’s all done and ready.

Selecting your perfect cut goes with a glass of high class drink.


Your suit. Your character. At Black Market we believe both should match each other. That is why we make sure down to the last detail that everything fits not only your body, but your style as well.

Our master tailor sets a goal to get to know you when you first visit the atelier. Here you are met with a glass of our high class drinks and invited to dive into the world of city's best crafted suits.

Telling us more about yourself is the first step to a suit that tells your story in the best possible manner.

We work with fixed prices that remain the same throughout the whole process. You order what you like without thinking about the price. You can be rest assured we will use only the best fabrics, textiles and buttons for your new suit, shirt and accessories.


After deciding on the cut and fabric, we proceed with body measurements. Everyone is different – our bodies vary in proportions that have to be taken into account in order to achieve the best cut. It has to hide our weak spots and put the emphasis on our physical strengths.

That upmost feeling to wear a suit that is designed specially for you.

Accurate and detailed body measurements by our master tailor consist of height, chest, waist and hip circumference, shoulder width, back, sleeves and trousers length.

We keep the cut in our archives in case you would like another suit or an alternation of this one.


During the first fitting for some clothes, such as suit jackets and waistcoats, our master tailor makes alterations. The specific garment is once more deconstructed to its basic parts in order to pattern cut the lining. Often, the first fitting comes with further discussions about additional details, while some are scrapped from the initial project.

The final cut and proportions of the garment is selected (length, width, details), while custom tailored three-piece suits need a second fitting in order to test the various alterations after the first.


Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.

Custom tailoring is the best way to find your style.


We have the best professional equipment in store. That gives us complete freedom in achieving perfect results. Depending on the garment, we use different tools and techniques.

Before ironing and gluing, each fabric is tested on a pre-cut piece of the same cloth in order to assess its effect and whether and how much the fabric will shrink. If the cloth has a high degree of shrinking, it’s glued block by block and cut in order to avoid deformation of the details.


Even with custom tailoring, your body proportions and measurements and weight may vary with time and thus your garments might need different alternations. This means you will always wear clothes that fit and feel comfortable like a second skin.


With our professional help your suit can be transformed or altered after the initial sewing so that it matches your current shape and style preference.

Custom tailoring -

The wedding agent

The slim coloured suit is an excellent choice for every occasion and suitable for any experiments with nice accessories.

Custom tailoring -

Trendy dandy

This bona fide style move will make you stand out everywhere – from the rooftop bar to the outdoor wedding. Its best mate? The check pattern!

Custom tailoring -

The Wolf of Wall Street

A stylish combination with a 3-piece suit prooving that pink ties deserve their place in the world of gentlemen.

Custom tailoring -

The Shelby family

A Peaky Blinders kind of adventure that includes an exclusive suit for the groom and the typical for Shelby’s entourage old-school caps nad waistcoats.

Custom tailoring -

The great Gatsby

A suit of high quality linen with cropped trousers and suede loafers. The perfect style for a summer wedding at the beach.

Custom tailoring -

The fresh botanist

An outlook for a charming groom, or in other words, a fresh combination of blue suit and a contrasting waistcoat with green accents.

Custom tailoring -


A hip grey melange suit that goes well with a white shirt, of course, but you can also pair it with funky sneakers and a t-shirt.

Custom tailoring -

Style investment

A wedding suit that, thanks to the cut and the fabric, benefits the shilouette and transforms the styling for any occasion.

Custom tailoring -

Royal blue

A high-end tuxedo, made of cool wool, with a silk satin shawl collar. This is how you roll on your wedding day in a James Bond style suit.

Custom tailoring -

The celebrity groom

Getting an adventurous soul in the formal frame is a favourite challenge of ours. This one involves a contrast waistcoat and mint lining and socks.

Custom tailoring -

The business talk

The perfect corporate world uniform declares position with a dark blue check, a slim-fit suit jacket, two buttons and fitted trousers.

Custom tailoring -

Out of the box

A super cool wedding outllok with perky colours and unusual textures going out of the 3-piece frame with a sassy tie and funky socks.

Custom tailoring -

Oui, madame!

A well-measured balance between breezy mood and high style. For the first we count on the linen suit, the best friend of casual classics.

Custom tailoring -

Office o'clock

A light grey texture is the perfect choice for a man who has to be in a suit all the time. And it goes with all the shirts in the world!

Custom tailoring -

In the best light

Hhigh-end cool wool with elaborate texture, along with a fit that shows the groom in his best light. An eternal classic and vows for eternity.

Custom tailoring -

Italian affair

A 3-piece-suit proving that you don’t have to be a duke or Sherlock Holmes in order to be in the gentlemen’s club.

Custom tailoring -

Bright future

An outlook for the prom night that gives a twist to the standard suit with a pinch of casualty so that it fits the younger lifestyle.

Custom tailoring -

British accent

Тhe lead role is for the camel classic in a bold combination with check trousers and bright accent color.

Custom tailoring -

50 shades of grey

A must-have suit for every stylish men’s wardrobe. A remarkable classic grey suit that carries the elegance of its owner whenever and wherever.

Custom tailoring -

Business class

A dark blue suit that emphasizes the importance of the man of honour, turning him into the Bruce Wayne of the wedding.

Custom tailoring -

Born to be wild

A trendy gingham pattern, a slim fit and a shorter suit jacket. The perfect choice for a modern man who wants to be in style on his motorbike.

Custom tailoring -

A big deal

When the black tie dress code of the wedding fully meets the groom's serious intentions, the choice of the smoking jacket is mandatory.

Custom tailoring -

The style resident

For an exceptionally tall gentleman custom tailoring is the way to looking impeccably stylish.

Custom tailoring -

Top class

The Mercedes of the suits brings back the style of real men and good old classic.

Custom tailoring -

A shoulder to lean on

A suit, sculptured for a strong man, that emphasizes the result from all those workouts.

Custom tailoring -

The concertmaster

Diving deep into the dress code of the most solemn and sophisticated of styles with an exquisite styling!

Custom tailoring -

First steps

An unmatched 3-piece set that adds a pinch of youth to the good old suit.

Custom tailoring -

Man up

A man grows up with his outlook and with the discovery that style endures. That it is time to change your teenage clothes for something better.

Custom tailoring -

Endless summer

When the occasion calls for it, everyone counts on the holy trinity – a suit, a waistcoat and a shirt. The captain did, too.