Custom tailoring for men

Custom tailoring is the other name of good-looking suits. It costs more because it’s not an easy task, but the inwaistcoatment in such a garment is always a sound and reasonable idea. Custom tailoring just looks good on you. Black Market works with the best fabrics and well-thought details in order to offer a unique personalization of your next suit.

Custom tailoring for women

We know how to tender the high expectations of women with the most demanding taste, style and personal attitude to clothes and fashion. We work with the best fabrics and don’t make any compromises with the quality. You need an everyday wardrobe for work or something fancier for a special occasion? Black Market will offer you the best.


Цени Жени


Цени Мъже

We work with quality fabrics from England and Italy for our main line of everyday work and leisure suits. You can also check out our exclusive premium selection of fabrics (Reda, Vitale, Barberis, Canonico, Zegna, Cerutti, Scabal, Dormeuil), hand-picked in limited or one-off quantity by our creative director - an ideal choice for men, who love specific patterns and textures for special occasions or just like to look as a formidable dapper gents.

Main lineExclusive Selection
Suit full set€ 580 € 550€ 760 € 700
suit jacket + suit trousers + shirt + waistcoat
Suit€ 430 € 400€ 560 € 500
suit jacket + suit trousers
Suit jacket + jeans€ 430 € 400
Suit jacket€ 320€ 420 € 360
Suit trousers€ 140€ 180
Waistcoat€ 120€ 160
Shirt€ 110
Tuxedo€ 330€ 380
Tuxedo set € 500
tuxedo + tuxedo trousers
Тailcoat € 440
Jeans€ 140
Coat€ 440
Tie€ 45
Bow tie€ 30
Pocket handkerchief€ 20
Main lineExclusive Selection
Suit full set€ 600 
suit jacket + trousers/skirt + shirt + waistcoat + tie
Suit€ 400 
suit jacket + trousers
Suit jacket€ 300 
Trousers€ 110 
Skirt€ 100 
Shirt€ 90 
Waistcoat€ 100 
Coat€ 400