Custom tailoring for women

We know how to tender the high expectations of women with the most demanding taste, style and personal attitude to clothes and fashion. We work with the best fabrics and don’t make any compromises with the quality. You need an everyday wardrobe for work or something fancier for a special occasion? Black Market will offer you the best.

We work with quality fabrics from England and Italy for our main line of everyday work and leisure suits. You can also check out our exclusive premium selection of fabrics (Reda, Vitale, Barberis, Canonico, Zegna, Cerutti, Scabal, Dormeuil), hand-picked in limited or one-off quantity by our creative director - an ideal choice for men, who love specific patterns and textures for special occasions or just like to look as a formidable dapper gents.

Main lineExclusive Selection
Suit full set€ 480 
suit jacket + trousers/skirt + shirt + waistcoat + tie
Suit€ 320 
suit jacket + trousers
Suit jacket€ 240 
Trousers€ 90 
Skirt€ 80 
Shirt€ 70 
Waistcoat€ 75 
Coat€ 300 

The attitude you are looking for will find you

Sometimes the most difficult task is to find the best thing you imagine wearing at the office or on some special occasion. If you know what you want, Black Market is the place to be. Our fixed prices for custom tailoring guarantee that you won’t have to think twice about the order – just tell us what you like and will be sure to give you a specific price which would not change throughout the process. Be sure, that we work only with the best fabrics and other materials and don’t make any compromises with quality.

No matter Whether you are looking for an elegant classical look or are in the mood for something more eccentric, we are here to tend to your needs. The fixed price for custom tailoring includes all stages of the process: initial and follow-up appointments, body measurements, pattern and fabric selection and everything we both need to finish the garment. Every woman deserves to look herself in the mirror and bask in the splendor of her own exquisite taste.