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The happy wedding of an affable IT professional with a particularly romantic attitude towards his future wife. His first tailored suit comes just in time as a contrast to the common IT dress code of jeans, tees and sneakers, which might also serve as the first step to a more elegant and well-bred personal style.

  Pierre Cardin  

I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and grey flannel trousers, a grey flannel suit, and black tie.

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A nice suit, tailored just for you

Meet a really nice guy, who deserves the best for his wedding. He requires a custom-made suit, tailored to his specific physique and cheerful character. At first glance, it’s just a regular dark blue suit, but on second it’s a lot more.

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These are our real clients. We actually dress these fine fellas. These are our real clients. We actually dress these fine fellas.

These are our real clients. We actually dress these fine fellas.

Custom tailoring
Custom tailoring
Custom tailoring
Custom tailoring

The details

Look at the classic wool suit in an almost invisible Prince of Wales check, combined with a grey waistcoat, white shirt with a small collar and an overall cut that elongates the silhouette and compliments the body. The fresh details correspond to the guy’s cheerful demeanor – one striped or dotted tie, one cotton jersey pocket square, just a few little details that can elevate every blue suit to the the best-dressed gentlemen premier league.


Check is always an impeccable choice for everyone, who would like something more than the usual grey or dark blue suit. This specific example speaks a lot about how the nice and small details allow you to step up your sartorial game. This client’s relationship with the world of Black Market starts with a sincere curiosity about fabric selection and evolves into gratitude for the personal service and compliance with all his demands and specifics.